Atlassian announced major changes to its Server and Data Center offerings which heavily impact many long-term users of Atlassian software. Starting in February 2021, Atlassian has:

  • Ended the sale of new Server licenses 
  • Increased maintenance prices for existing Server and Data Center licenses

Atlassian will stop supporting server products on . For more details about these changes, please see our Atlassian Migration Guide

With these changes on the horizon, the subject of migrating to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center has become a priority for many of our app users. This Cloud Migration Hub will give you an overview of each app's availability and feature sets across each deployment as well as the currently available and planned migration paths.

Before starting a migration, it's important to clarify some key points in order to go into the migration with the right expectations:

  • Deployment availability: First check whether the apps you need are available on Atlassian Cloud or Data Center. The table below offers that information at a glance.
  • Feature parity: Due to technical reasons, the feature set of some apps may vary. This is especially relevant when migrating from Atlassian Server or Data Center to Atlassian Cloud, so we offer dedicated documentation to outline the differences you might experience on Server versus Cloud.
  • Migration availability: Every app's migration path is different and some are more mature than others. While it's our priority to provide a Cloud migration path for most of our users, it might be worthwhile to wait for a migration path to be updated and improved before making the move. We will continue to update this Migration Hub as we improve our migration options and we will update our customer base as timelines become more clear. 

The following information will focus on migrations to Atlassian Cloud. Migrating from Atlassian Server to Data Center is generally more straightforward as the two deployments are similar. To learn more about migrating to Data Center, please see our Atlassian Migration Guide.

Deployment Availability

Below is an overview of K15t's apps and their migration availability across deployments. Please follow the links for more detailed information about each app's feature parity and migration path.


Legend(tick) – Available | (error) – Unavailable | (warning) – Partially available

AppServerData CenterCloudMore info
Scroll PDF Exporter(tick)(tick)(tick)Learn more
Scroll Word Exporter(tick)(tick)(tick)Learn more
Scroll Viewport(tick)(tick)(tick)Learn more 
Scroll Documents(tick)(tick)(tick)Learn more 
Scroll ImageMap(tick)(tick)(tick)Learn more
Scroll Versions(tick)(tick)(warning)Learn more
Scroll Translations(tick)(tick)(warning)Learn more
Scroll HTML Exporter(tick)(tick)(error)
Scroll EPUB Exporter(tick)(error)(error)
Scroll DocBook Exporter(tick)(error)(error)
Scroll EclipseHelp Exporter(tick)(error)(error)
Inline Comments in the Editor(tick)(tick)(error)


AppServerData CenterCloudMore info
Backbone Issue Sync(tick)(tick)(tick)

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